Where I write now

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I’m no longer blogging here, on my own website, but you can find my current writing – essays on our times and pieces on place – on Substack at Ways of Seeing. The blogs published between 2014-2020 on topics largely related to nature, spirituality and our relationship to place, remain here as an archive.

Cover of the book 'Exploring Doubt' by Alex Wright featuring a row boat beached on a boggy landscape

Exploring doubt and evolving non-fiction

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  Alex Wright’s short book Exploring Doubt is bang on zeitgeist. Situated firmly in the terrain between religious faith and unbelief, it turns on the thesis that ‘it is in hiddenness, not transparency, that life’s meanings may most eloquently be expressed.’ Along with a growing number of voices pointing to the limitations of a society […]

Midform publishing in the digital age

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Sometimes it’s hard, to misquote Tammy Wynette, to be in publishing. There’s so much talk about the opportunities opened up by the digital revolution, but most of it is set against a background of change in which the struggle for readers and sales is greater than ever. But for me, there’s one digital-age development that […]