Bulldozer on rubbish against a blue sky

ALWAYS ASK FOR LESS: how organisations are keeping quiet about low-packaging alternatives

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Packaging, fellow-plastivists remind me, is not just about plastic. The current zest for over-packaging involves a range of materials, including paper, all carrying an environmental cost. One particularly bad example comes via the sale of hot drinks on trains, which I was reminded of on a recent GWR journey. I was sitting in the same […]

Green National Trust card on a letter about membership renewal

For Fox Sake: why I’m ending my membership of the National Trust

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The letter from the National Trust bearing my card for another year of membership oozes emotive prose. The buzzwords promise experiences and memories I’ll want to treasure – ‘inspiring’, ‘special’, ‘brilliant’ – while the small print details the new subscription fees and my payment schedule. But I won’t be continuing my membership of Europe’s largest […]