Bulldozer on rubbish against a blue sky

ALWAYS ASK FOR LESS: how organisations are keeping quiet about low-packaging alternatives

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Packaging, fellow-plastivists remind me, is not just about plastic. The current zest for over-packaging involves a range of materials, including paper, all carrying an environmental cost. One particularly bad example comes via the sale of hot drinks on trains, which I was reminded of on a recent GWR journey. I was sitting in the same […]

Green National Trust card on a letter about membership renewal

For Fox Sake: why I’m ending my membership of the National Trust

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The letter from the National Trust bearing my card for another year of membership oozes emotive prose. The buzzwords promise experiences and memories I’ll want to treasure – ‘inspiring’, ‘special’, ‘brilliant’ – while the small print details the new subscription fees and my payment schedule. But I won’t be continuing my membership of Europe’s largest […]

The Plastic Waster Emails – how manufacturers are responding to the packaging crisis

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Heard of The Timewaster Letters? The spirit of subversive comedy and the character of the concerned, fussy British consumer that they capture make them just the thing to lift your spirits on a dull winter day. Sadly, the responses to the first batch of Plastic Waster Emails are not so funny. In the first few […]