Alex has written on social affairs, religion and politics for a wide range of newspapers, magazines and websites.

For over a decade she specialised in British public policy, covering developments in health, education and social care as both a staffer and freelancer. But wider horizons and stranger subjects beckoned, leading to pieces on the ultra-Orthodox Jews of north London, the street children of Duschanbe and a specialism in the Levant. 

Her work has appeared in The Guardian, Observer, Telegraph, Daily Express, Times Higher Education Supplement, New Statesman, Public Finance, Pulse, Inside Housing, Catholic Herald, Muslim Vibe, BBC News, Reuters Alertnet, Mercatornet, The Critic and Spectator, among other publications. She has contributed to a number of radio programmes including the BBC’s From Our Own Correspondent and the BBC Radio 4 travel programme Excess Baggage.

Aware of the growing need for independent journalism, she publishes regularly on Substack at Ways of Seeing.