The Secret Life of God

The Secret Life of God is a kind of spiritual investigation into twenty-first century Britain. It chronicles how, in an age when institutional religion is on the decline, people are finding new ways of believing and belonging, and puts some faces and places to the trend in which people are increasingly describing themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious’.

‘I devoured this book in only a couple of sittings. It has a strangely un-put-down-able quality normally attributed to fiction.’
Professor Gwen Griffith-Dickson

Paradise Divided

This timely portrait of Lebanon exposes the fault lines that underlie the current crisis in the Middle East, and charts the country’s attempts to rebuild a fragile peace after its long civil war and recent conflict with Israel.

‘Alex Klaushofer could be Lebanon’s new Lady Hester Stanhope, except that her understanding and love of Lebanon are greater than her predecessor’s. The Lebanese in all their complexity, wonder, deceit and kindness shine through this delightful book.’
Charles Glass, author of Tribes with Flags

Spyless in Tirana: An Albanian adventure

Once cut off from the rest of Europe by dictator Enver Hoxha, Albania has long been a source of fascination for Alex Klaushofer. Thirty years after the fall of communism, she spends a spring in Tirana, gaining a privileged insight into the country as it strives to join the modern West.

Volunteering at Tirana’s first hostel and interviewing a wide range of people, the author talks to a political prisoner about his experiences under the regime and meets the student activists trying to change a system which is still corrupt. She hears about the discrimination suffered by the disabled and sees how a new culture of caring for animals is slowly developing. She learns how, in a state where religion was banned, faith is making a comeback and discovers how profoundly the architecture reflects the changing fortunes of the city.

The Little Book of Ghost Stories: true tales from trusted sources

This collection of real-life encounters with ghosts and spirits brings some true tales of the supernatural to publication for the first time.

The thirteen accounts in The Little Book of Ghost Stories tell of everyday hauntings in homes and workplaces and of communication between the living and the dead. Chronicling events in England and Wales, these ghost stories open a window onto the way we see place and our relationship with the past.

fox cub sitting in grass looking scared

Orphaned Foxes: A true tale of rescue and release

One spring evening a young fox appeared in Alex Klaushofer’s suburban garden, apparently asking for help. Her accidental fostering of Little Fox led her to volunteer at wildlife rescue centre in the West Country, following the fortunes of a litter of orphaned cubs as they grew to adulthood and were released back into the wild.