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I’m an author and journalist writing about journeys of body and mind. My books are a blend of reportage, travel writing and one or two other genres. I blog about related subjects: our relationship to place, nature and the search for meaning here. I’m currently writing a book about Europe by way of three cities. You can find out more about it here.


The Secret Life of God

‘It’s a really unusual and insightful essay, not asking the conventional questions, but probing to a far more serious level. I was genuinely grateful to have it.’ 

Rowan Williams

Paradise Divided

‘Alex Klaushofer could be Lebanon’s new Lady Hester Stanhope, except that her understanding and love of Lebanon are greater than her predecessor’s.’

Charles Glass, author of Tribes with Flags


Shorter than a book but longer than an article, I’m a fan of the digital short. It offers the reader the satisfaction of finishing something on their tablet within a journey or two, and the writer the chance to start a project with an end in sight.

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Photo of Alex Klaushofer

Author photo by Sara Haq

Alex Klaushofer is an author and journalist who has written extensively on social and religious affairs and politics in Britain and Middle East, before realising that this really just boils down to writing about people and places.

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