There are three projects in the pipeline, all destined to become midform – longer than an article but shorter than a book – publications.

Photo by Peter Trimming

The Fox Project grew out of my accidental fostering a wild fox cub in suburban London. Or, to put it more accurately, Little Fox reared himself, using my garden, food and company to grow up and learn about the world, before going to successfully re-wild himself.

The experience made me curious about what happens when people get together in a more deliberate, organised attempt to help wildlife: how successful is it? What does it tell us about animals – and humans?

So this year, having moved to the rural south-west, I’ve been volunteering at a wildlife rescue centre in Somerset, following the fortunes of some fox cubs from the point at which they are taken into human care until they are released back into the wild. Confessions of a Conservation Volunteer – yes, I will think of a better title – will be released early next year.

Statue of liberty against a blood-red sky

Photo by Glyn Lowe

The working title of the second project could be called Confessions of a Post-American. It chronicles my discovery that, by an accident of birth, I was enmeshed in the taxation system of America, a country I’ve only set foot in once, to the point where I could be bankrupted. The FATCA Diaries – a better, more explanatory title – will tell a personal story with geopolitical implications for the relationship that all of us, willing or not, have with the United States. I don’t know when this publication will be out; although I am no longer an American citizen, I need time to process what was a enormously stressful experience.

Handwritten sign about the ghost of a crippled child

The third project-in-the-pipeline is completely different from the previous two and – well, it’s a secret. Anyone familiar with The Secret Life of God will know how I love them! But here’s a clue.

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